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How to choose a high-quality CNC router manufacturer? Blue Elephant CNC answers your questions

At present, there are hundreds of CNC router manufacturers on the market, with various models, uneven product quality, and prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. As direct users, how should furniture companies choose? Three major issues that need to be determined before choosing a CNC router manufacturer? 1. It is necessary […]

The reason for the poor adsorption force of the CNC Router has been found

There are many CNC router manufacturers in the market now, but the machining level of these manufacturers is uneven, which leads to differences in the quality of the machined machines. The quality of the machine is not very good, which leads to the poor adsorption force of the machine table. It is easy to run […]

The application of CNC Router injects new power into the production of panel furniture

Whole house custom furniture is a popular trend in recent years. In order to meet the furniture production standards and requirements, CNC router is highly respected, and this equipment can also be combined with six-sided drilling, edge banding machines and other equipment to form panel furniture The production line realizes automatic design and production, which fundamentally […]

The details of the CNC Router are directly related to the quality, do you think it is not important?

With the trend of customization, manufacturers of customized furniture have emerged in large numbers, and panel furniture knives have become an indispensable tool for everyone. Although the CNC cutting tools on the market are roughly the same, they are similar. In today’s panel furniture industry, it is very important to choose a CNC router with good […]

How much cost does the CNC Router save for panel furniture production?

Now, the CNC router is an indispensable intelligent processing equipment in the current furniture market. The equipment has a complete range of types and models, which can well meet the needs of different manufacturers and help furniture factories save costs, so everyone knows that furniture How much cost can the cutting machine save for panel […]

How to choose a suitable CNC Router among many products

Now the panel furniture industry is booming, and major furniture factories are gradually phasing out the original equipment and starting to use CNC intelligent equipment to replace traditional processing equipment . I don’t know much about the intelligent equipment such as hole punching machines, so there are many misunderstandings when choosing. So do you know […]

CNC Router has outstanding advantages and powerful

Everyone knows the advantages of CNC Router? Intelligent, efficient, fast, high processing precision, low labor requirements, simple operation and so on! With the development of the panel furniture industry, the CNC Router is also constantly improving. Jinan Lanxiang CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the early manufacturers to develop the CNC Router. The CNC […]

What are the processing conditions and operation steps of CNC Router

Cutting machine is an important cutting processing equipment on the market. It is very convenient in processing and improves the processing speed. So do you know the processing conditions and operation steps of the cutting machine? How much do you know about this? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary, hoping to […]

Accuracy and attention problems of CNC Router

CNC Router is an important processing equipment. It is very important in processing. It has relatively powerful functions and high processing efficiency. It is commonly used equipment in major furniture factories. Does it affect it? So do you know what problems need to be paid attention to? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a […]