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How to improve the working efficiency of CNC Router

Now CNC Router equipment is becoming more and more popular, and with the development of panel furniture, it has gradually improved the production efficiency of cutting materials and increased production capacity, so when buying a cutting machine, it is necessary to understand the panel furniture in detail The working efficiency of the feeder, I hope […]

Special equipment for cabinet and wardrobe processing – in-line tool change processing center

The in-line tool change machining center is a multi-functional processing equipment equipped with 12 tools. This equipment is compatible with various cabinet door operating software. The in-line cutting machine is a special equipment for the processing of cabinets and wardrobes. The equipment is equipped with a vacuum adsorption table, which can absorb various shapes of […]

Precautions for knife setting operation and processing of CNC Nesting Router

CNC Nesting Routers can be divided into manual tool setting and automatic tool setting. Automatic tool setting machines are generally equipped with tool magazines, row tool changers or disc tool changers. The automatic tool setting instrument is controlled by software, which automatically adjusts the initial position of the tool and the position of the engraved […]

Selection of Air Cooling and Water Cooling for Rotating Shaft Motor of CNC Wood Router

The spindle of CNC Wood Router is divided into water-cooled spindle and air-cooled spindle. Some customers don’t know how to choose when choosing. Let’s briefly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two-axis spindle; In terms of motor control methods, both water-cooled and air-cooled motors use nails to rotate around coils. Almost all water-cooled spindles […]

What kind of CNC Nesting Router is worthy of user choice

As the name suggests, the CNC Nesting Router is a series of equipment and technological processes for producing panel furniture. In recent years, as different users have higher and higher requirements for individualized furniture production, the number of people who customize furniture through such a production line is also showing an increasing trend. . And affected […]

The difference between CNC Router and panel furniture processing center

Sometimes when customers inspect the equipment, they tend to confuse the CNC Router and the panel furniture processing center, and do not know how to distinguish and choose. Here we briefly explain the differences between them; First,The CNC Router is mainly divided into ordinary single-head CNC Wood Router, double-process cutting machine, three-process cutting machine and four-process cutting machine. According to […]

Do you know what are the advantages of using cnc router in wardrobe processing?

Nowadays, more and more furniture factories are starting to transform their processing equipment one after another, from the original manual work to table saws and chainsaws, and then to the current cutting machine. Feeding machine, replacing traditional production and processing equipment, so do you know the advantages of using cnc router in wardrobe processing? How […]

Problems that need to be paid attention to when purchasing CNC router for panel furniture production line

Different equipment has different functions. When used together, it plays an important role in the panel furniture processing equipment. Among them, the CNC router is the main equipment, and it is very difficult to process. It is convenient, so do you know what problems must be paid attention to when purchasing a CNC router? Ten […]

Quickly master the advantages and operation sequence of CNC Router in three minutes

At present, major furniture factories have relatively high requirements for furniture customization. If they want to achieve high standards and increase processing speed, it is difficult to achieve the goal by relying on traditional processing methods. With the continuous development of science and technology, Router horizontal Empty was born, and it is very popular with […]