Precautions for knife setting operation and processing of CNC Nesting Router

CNC Nesting Routers can be divided into manual tool setting and automatic tool setting. Automatic tool setting machines are generally equipped with tool magazines, row tool changers or disc tool changers. The automatic tool setting instrument is controlled by software, which automatically adjusts the initial position of the tool and the position of the engraved workpiece. Manual tool setting requires the operator to manually adjust the position of the processed object with a tool setting block.

The function of the tool setting instrument on the CNC Nesting Router is to automatically adjust the initial position of the tool and the position of the engraved object, but this work is generally performed by skilled workers manually, so the tool setting instrument does not have high precision. After in-depth research, this technology can only perform simple tool setting, but cannot perform high-precision tool setting.

The market is generally a single-head fixed-spindle plate-type furniture cutting machine. If engraving, cutting, side punching, etc. need to be completed at the same time during processing, then a multi-process plate-type furniture cutting machine is required, which is more cost-effective than an automatic tool-changing engraving machine. If you want to improve the efficiency of mass production, you generally choose a multi-head CNC Nesting Router.

CNC Nesting Router should pay attention to the selection of cutting force and spindle power when processing different panels. For solid wood carving, you should pay attention to the thickness, softness and hardness of the solid wood. For harder ones, use a spindle with a larger power of more than 3kw, and for softer ones, use a spindle with a lower power. When carving ordinary wood, the knife should be deep, because The trough is deep; when processing plywood, the lower knife must be slow, and the lower knife should not be deep, because the plywood itself is relatively thin.


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