The details of the CNC Router are directly related to the quality, do you think it is not important?

With the trend of customization, manufacturers of customized furniture have emerged in large numbers, and panel furniture knives have become an indispensable tool for everyone. Although the CNC cutting tools on the market are roughly the same, they are similar. In today’s panel furniture industry, it is very important to choose a CNC router with good quality and high efficiency. Why do the details of the router determine the quality of the router ?How much do you know about this problem? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will provide you with some materials on this problem, hoping to help you, you can avoid detours in future use and purchase.

When buying a tool, you should also pay attention to whether the side wall of the tool is cast iron, because the tool is moving, in order to reduce the loss caused by vibration, the cast iron makes the side wall heavier and has high precision. The custom panel furniture on the market generally uses CNC routers. Many manufacturers use four 6 kw spindles. In fact, the cutting speed and precision of the 7.5 kw spindles are very high.

These details are all right, you can buy this machine, so don’t blindly listen to the salesperson’s words when choosing a machine, you should look at these details of the machine first, and then you can buy a good machine.

CNC router plays a very important role in wood processing, so everyone must pay more attention to the details of the equipment, after all, it is related to the quality of the equipment and determines the processing effect.


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