How to choose a suitable CNC Router among many products

Now the panel furniture industry is booming, and major furniture factories are gradually phasing out the original equipment and starting to use CNC intelligent equipment to replace traditional processing equipment . I don’t know much about the intelligent equipment such as hole punching machines, so there are many misunderstandings when choosing. So do you know how to choose a cutting machine that is more suitable? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary.

How to choose a suitable CNC Router among many products:

1. For the cutting tool, the cutting tool means that the machine can complete one piece of processing. Every additional knife also means an additional set of operating techniques. The more functions a machine has, the higher the corresponding cost and the more expensive it is. To choose the door panel according to the products you produce, you have to use a machining center, which is basically a consensus. If you have a cabinet, you can use a machining center with four operations, five operations, two operations plus row drills. However, the installation of door straighteners and cabinet light strips that are currently available may require additional tools. If you currently choose door panels, you will see future plans. If there is a floor plan of the door panel, I will still go to the machining center.

2. The structure of the bed is also an important factor affecting the processing process. A stable bed can keep machining stable. If the strength of the bed is insufficient, the quality of the processed product will also be affected. Then, when purchasing a machine, we should pay attention to whether the core components of the bed are firmly installed, whether the structure meets the production requirements, and whether the design is reasonable.

3. The operating system of the cutting machine belongs to the brain and control center of the machine. The furniture factory systems with strict quality requirements generally use mainstream systems such as Xindai, Baoyuan and Weihong.

4. The spindle is as important as the execution unit of the machine. The spindle of the CNC Router is different from that of the engraving machine. Due to the large resistance in the production process, high-power spindles of 4.5kw, 6kw, and 9kw should be selected, and the vacuum pump should be above 5.5kw.

5. As a power unit, the drive motor needs to be carefully selected. The motor is made in China and imported. In order to meet the requirements of high speed, high precision and high efficiency, try to choose a high-power imported motor and use an imported reducer to control the speed of the equipment. The high-precision gear train can effectively increase the torque. And when the equipment starts and stops continuously, if the reducer is not good, it will affect the service life of the servo motor. Replacing again takes time and effort.

6. The conventional size of furniture boards on the market is 1220mm*2440mm. The effective machining range of the 1325 series tool table is 1300mm*2500mm. At present, the consumption of another kind of plate is also gradually increasing, that is, the plate with a length of 2800, which can integrate the upper and lower vertical plates of the cabinet together. For this kind of sheet, there is also a 1328-type cutting machine, which is a conventional 49-foot.

Then remind everyone to go to the factory to check the equipment, try to use the on-site equipment to cut the plate, measure whether the diagonal and opposite lengths of the plate are equal, and use a vernier caliper to measure the hole distance.

The method of choosing a suitable CNC Router has been summarized in detail in the above content. I believe you will have a new understanding and understanding of this after reading it. If you want to know more, you can pay more attention to us. website, I hope it can help you.

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