What role does CNC Nesting Router play in processing and manufacturing

CNC Nesting Router , a new generation of plate processing equipment, has successfully replaced the traditional manual work. The processing method is simple and convenient, and the overall processing performance is superior. It belongs to the best among CNC mechanical equipment. So what role does this equipment play in processing and manufacturing?

The CNC Nesting Router  uses the spindle and the cutter to cut the material, and can change the processing direction arbitrarily, and can switch freely, even in the face of special-shaped cutting. The average plate utilization rate is very high, and the important thing is that one worker can operate one cutting machine, which saves labor.

What role does the CNC Nesting Router play in processing and manufacturing?

As an intelligent processing equipment, CNC Nesting Router plays an important auxiliary role in the integration of furniture production. It is composed of furniture design module, furniture dismantling software, CNC processing module, intelligent optimization module, cutting and cutting module, etc. Processing mode, through this module, it takes a lot of time to process a set of furniture. More importantly, the size of the whole set is designed in this way, the size is very standard, and the chance of error is very small.

Functional characteristics of CNC Nesting Router :

CNC Nesting Router is suitable for diversified and complex product processing or various processing models. It has a wide range of uses: it can blank, punch, cut, slot, mill, etc. At present, it is mostly used for punching, cutting, and slotting.

There are many models, different equipment types can be selected, and different processing equipment can be selected for different processing needs, so as to meet the processing needs of different furniture factories.

In the face of market development, we need to continuously optimize equipment, deliver high-quality equipment to major furniture factories, and help them improve their core competitiveness in the furniture market competition.

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