Which CNC router is more suitable for processing cabinet doors

Cabinets, tables and chairs are one of the indispensable furniture for bedrooms. Now wardrobes are no longer limited to storing clothes, etc. More and more functions have been developed and designed, including bookshelves, desks and other functions, which can be customized according to needs. more humane.

In order to realize the production and processing of multi-functional wardrobe cabinets, the use of CNC router is essential. The CNC router can automatically change the tool, realize the cutting, punching, grooving and other processes of the panel furniture. Combined with professional furniture design software, it can realize the customized production of cabinets and wardrobes, which can improve the efficiency and replace part of the manual labor. , saving a large part of labor costs for the factory.

The four-process CNC router produced by Blue Elephant CNC has high cost performance, rich technical accumulation and a lot of practical experience of manufacturers, so that our products almost avoid all kinds of small problems that are easy to occur in production, and its functions can fully meet the needs of various cabinets. Various requirements such as slotting, punching, trimming on doors and drawers. Compared with other manufacturers with the same function on the market, it has many advantages in price with its mature technology.

At present, there are more and more machine manufacturers producing CNC routers on the market, and the corresponding industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. invincible position.

As an old factory for more than ten years, Blue Elephant CNC keeps abreast of market changes and focuses on the research and development of equipment technology. In the ever-changing and constantly updated market demand, it always adheres to the concept of quality-oriented, honesty and credit, ensuring manufacturers and partners. , users are at ease, and the cooperative user groups are located in many countries around the world. We will cooperate with you wholeheartedly and seek common development with a diligent and pragmatic working attitude.


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