It is more important to do a good job in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the CNC router

As a kind of high-tech CNC mechanical equipment, CNC router is playing an increasingly important role in the current panel furniture production line. The advantages of woodworking machinery, then, how should we maintain this high-performance router? Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed introduction on this issue.

1. Whether there are foreign objects in each guide rail, rack, and starting point travel switch;

2. Whether the transmission belts of the main saw and auxiliary saw motors are normal;

3. What is the state of the rack and pinion when the saw blade moves back and forth, and whether it is normal;

4. Whether the dust of the main electric box and the fan used for internal cooling is cleaned up;

5. Whether the dust in the dust cover under the chainsaw is cleaned up;

6. Whether the dust at the connection of the vacuum cleaner is cleaned up;

7. Whether the state of the saw blade forward and backward gear racks is normal;

8. Whether the oil in the oil cup of the air supply triplet is sufficient, and whether the guide rail to be lubricated is short of oil;

9. The emergency stop switch is normal;

10. Check whether there is dust and foreign matter in the heat sink of each motor;

11. Check whether the pressure of each barometer is normal.

The above content is the key maintenance part of the CNC router. In daily use, we should carry out reasonable maintenance according to the specific situation, so as to avoid the occurrence of failures and prolong the processing life of the equipment.

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