How to choose a high-quality CNC router manufacturer? Blue Elephant CNC answers your questions

At present, there are hundreds of CNC router manufacturers on the market, with various models, uneven product quality, and prices ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. As direct users, how should furniture companies choose?

Three major issues that need to be determined before choosing a CNC router manufacturer?

1. It is necessary to clarify the material to be processed, and determine the type of router according to the material to be processed;

2. Determine the size of the material to be processed, and determine the model of the router according to the size of the material to be processed;

3. Then locate the product you want to process, and determine the function of the machine according to the process of the product you are processing.

Fourth, go to the factory for on-site inspection, go to the workshop to see the machine to understand the specific configuration of the machine, and consult the machine you need in detail.

So in the face of so many manufacturers of CNC sheet metal routers, so many types of routers, how should small and medium-sized sheet metal furniture factories choose?

1. Choose a professional manufacturer.

CNC router has high precision, speed and stability. It is difficult for ordinary woodworking routers to meet the technological requirements of routers. The router is not just as simple as adding weight to the body of the woodworking stone machine. Therefore, when choosing a router, be sure to choose a professional manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process. In the process of product assembly, strict equipment standards and assembly processes are implemented, and assembly units are divided according to the process. Mass production ensures the quality and precision of product assembly. We ensure the high precision of each machine to provide customers with better quality products.

2. Compare the detailed configuration of the router.

The components mainly include: spindle, frequency converter, drive system, guide rail, screw, control system, etc.

3. Select the appropriate model.

For manufacturers with strong financial strength, you can choose automatic loading and unloading CNC cutting equipment. For small and medium-sized panel furniture factories with limited financial strength, the four-process router (cutting, punching, and slotting) is the first choice. The four spindles can be switched quickly, which can not only ensure the cutting speed, but also punch holes, and this machine can meet the needs of various processes such as cabinet body and cabinet door panel.

4. Select the appropriate support software.

‘Split order’ is the abbreviation of ‘split order’, which means that after the production enterprise receives an external order, the design department designs the product drawings, and the relevant personnel divide the entire drawing into parts according to the production process to clarify the production of parts at all levels. Require. The enterprise arranges production, procurement and other tasks according to the results of the order disassembly work, so the “order disassembly software” is used to assist the enterprise in the production management and calculation of the entire project, so as to relieve the enterprise’s worries.

When choosing a CNC router, you must choose equipment with reliable quality to ensure that the selected equipment functions can meet the processing needs and truly realize the cutting value.

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