How to improve the working efficiency of CNC Router

Now CNC Router equipment is becoming more and more popular, and with the development of panel furniture, it has gradually improved the production efficiency of cutting materials and increased production capacity, so when buying a cutting machine, it is necessary to understand the panel furniture in detail The working efficiency of the feeder, I hope it can help everyone.
1. Selection of cutting machine model
There are many types of CNC cutting machines, and the processing efficiency of different models is also different. For example, the processing efficiency of the in-line tool change machining center is much higher than that of the four-process cutting machine, and the in-line tool change machining center saves time. , The equipment has higher processing capacity and better processing effect. If it is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading platform, it can increase the processing speed, save more labor and save more production costs.

2. The processing sequence of the cutting machine
CNC Router can improve processing efficiency and production capacity. Reasonably design each step of the processing procedure to avoid plate waste. The processing technology is becoming more and more mature. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally optimize the processing procedure to avoid plate waste during the processing process.
3. Determine the cutting depth according to the cutting plate
Our company can carry out rough machining first and then finish machining according to the actual situation. During rough machining, all material machining allowances should be removed as much as possible to save more processing time. The processing performance of the cutting machine is not only reflected in the hardware configuration of the machine, but also requires us to accumulate processing experience for a long time, so as to improve the cutting machine processing efficiency.
In terms of improving the working efficiency of the CNC Router, the model of the cutting machine, the processing sequence, and the cutting depth of the cutting plate are relatively large influencing factors. During the use process, we must pay attention to it.

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