The application of CNC Router injects new power into the production of panel furniture

Whole house custom furniture is a popular trend in recent years. In order to meet the furniture production standards and requirements, CNC router is highly respected, and this equipment can also be combined with six-sided drilling, edge banding machines and other equipment to form panel furniture The production line realizes automatic design and production, which fundamentally reduces labor force, promotes production efficiency, and improves processing quality.

The wide application of the whole-house furniture router marks that Chinese enterprises have entered the era of mechanization and gradually separated from the era of manual operation. This equipment has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages.

The advantage of using the router is that the operation is simple, and the technical requirements for operators are also very low. Through training, they can be quickly hired, which can promote the production time and efficiency of the enterprise from the side. In addition, the use of CNC router can effectively ensure the health and safety of the operator. During use, if the operator is not focused, the sawtooth of the router will be sensed in time, and then the sawtooth will automatically drop, which can prevent the operator from Health suffers. However, the CNC router also has some shortcomings. The biggest disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain. Although the router has better performance, any machine will have problems. Because of its relatively high configuration, once there is a problem, the maintenance cost will also be higher.

In general, the advantages of CNC router outweigh the disadvantages, and now the router has been in use for many years and has been very popular in the market.

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