Double-station CNC router can play a greater role in the production of panel furniture

As we all know, the advantages of CNC router are intelligence, high efficiency, high processing accuracy, and very easy to operate, so it is very popular in the panel furniture industry. It also produced a double-station CNC router . The machine adopts double worktables, and the two worktables can be used for processing in turn, which has played a greater role in the production of panel furniture.

So what are the advantages of the double-station CNC router? Blue Elephant CNC will share with you.

First of all, the double-station CNC router is also a kind of CNC router, which is an extension of the numerical control router. Usually, the CNC routers used in our panel furniture production line use 1325 CNC routers. That is to say, the processing range of him is 1.3 meters and 2.5 meters, and the working range of the double-station CNC router is 1350, which is 1.3 meters and 5 meters. Such a work surface can not only be lengthened.

The change of the table directly affects the change of the configuration, such as frequency converter, motor, drive, system, etc., and the technical requirements for assemblers are more stringent. For example, the parallelism and flatness of the table need to be controlled by skilled workers. Blue Elephant CNC is in the In the process of equipment processing, the CNC router body is strictly controlled to ensure the precision of the CNC router.

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