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It is really important to do a good job in the repair and maintenance of the spindle of the CNC Router

CNC Router is an important driver in the furniture processing industry, and the main shaft of the cutting machine is equivalent to the human spine, and it is also the key to control the operation of the cutting machine. Therefore, when using this equipment, be sure to do a good job in the maintenance and Maintenance […]

Do you know how to use CNC Router to make furniture more delicate?

The use of CNC Router to process custom panel furniture can become a popular trend in the furniture industry. This processing equipment is very intelligent and can improve the aesthetics of furniture production. So do you know how to use this equipment? How much do you know about this? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give […]

Blue Elephant explains the advantages and uses of CNC cutting machine

There are many models of CNC router, different equipment configurations are also different, and prices are also very different. There are many versions, such as: standard version, high-end version, imported version and other three versions, which provide consumers with more Then, do you know what the advantages and uses of this equipment are? Next, Blue […]

How to choose a good manufacturer from many CNC Router manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of CNC Router with uneven production capacity. Some machines are of poor quality, and some have no workshop. So which brands of CNC Router are more reliable? How to find a good manufacturer from many manufacturers Woolen cloth? 1. To determine the nature of the manufacturer, first find out whether the […]

Panel furniture production line equipment description and functional characteristics

The CNC cutting machine is an important component of the panel furniture production line , and then the double-station table is optional, which can be used for cutting, grooving, and can also install different tools, and cooperate with the spindle for cutting operation to reduce the time for tool change. With 5+4 vertical drilling equipment, it can perform […]

How to detect the precision of CNC cutting machine?

As a CNC equipment, one of the main criteria for judging the quality of the machine is whether its machining accuracy is accurate, so how to detect the accuracy of the CNC cutting machine ? This article will make a brief introduction. 1. It is possible to process a plate, measure whether the diagonal of the […]

If you want to improve the production efficiency of the board, the use of woodworking cutting machine is very important

There are many furniture manufacturers now, but some manufacturers have high processing speed, while others are very slow, which makes many companies feel very confused. To improve the processing efficiency of manufacturers, they need to replace processing equipment . The equipment of the feeding machine plays an important role in it, and it plays an important role […]

What are the advantages of CNC cutting machine used in wardrobes

With the continuous progress of science and technology, whole-house customization has developed rapidly. In order to meet the needs of market development, the processing methods of panel furniture are also constantly changing, from the original manual processing to CNC cutting machine processing. There are very prominent advantages in wardrobe processing, so do you know what […]

Three attractive aspects of woodworking cutting machine

Nowadays, the woodworking cutting machine is very popular among the whole house customization and panel furniture manufacturers. It has the advantages of high processing efficiency, good effect and low processing cost. So do you know what other aspects of it are more attractive? How much do you know about this? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will […]

The six factors that affect the stability of the CNC cutting machine are all here

The CNC cutting machine is the core equipment in the furniture processing industry, and it is very important when choosing it, because the equipment may not match the processing plate or the processing effect does not meet the standard and other problems during use, which will affect the numerical control. The stability of the cutting […]