How to detect the precision of CNC cutting machine?

As a CNC equipment, one of the main criteria for judging the quality of the machine is whether its machining accuracy is accurate, so how to detect the accuracy of the CNC cutting machine ? This article will make a brief introduction.

1. It is possible to process a plate, measure whether the diagonal of the plate is the same, whether the size of the opposite side is the same, and whether the distance between the holes is the same.
2. Process both sides of the neutral plate of the cabinet, and check the positioning accuracy of the turning plate. Under normal circumstances, single-sided machining does not have strict requirements on positioning accuracy, and the positioning cylinder mainly affects the machining accuracy of flaps. Punch holes on a board, and make grooves on both sides to see if the holes are transparent and whether there are any traces of butt joints. Measure the hole edges on both sides and the groove edges on both sides.
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3. Small plate processing accuracy. If there is small board processing during processing, look at the adsorption capacity of the table top to see if there will be a running board. In addition, the machining accuracy of the small plate is measured.

The above three methods can quickly detect the machining accuracy of the CNC cutting machine. The CNC cutting machine can effectively provide processing efficiency, reduce labor, and save production costs. Therefore, it is recommended to investigate more when purchasing manufacturers. Buying a CNC cutting machine is also Don’t be limited by price, the cutting machine needs to be processed every day. If there is a problem with the machine, it will not only affect the construction period but also damage the board, which may seriously affect the loss of customers. Therefore, the long-term stability, accuracy and configuration of the CNC cutting machine are used. And machine detail assembly is very important.

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