The following six points tell you why you choose CNC Router manufacturers?

The choice of CNC Router is very important. The choice of Router not only affects the quality of panel furniture processing, but also affects the development and progress of enterprises in the later stage. Therefore, how to correctly choose the Router manufacturer is a very serious problem, so we need to pay attention to stand up!

The furniture Router is a very good product and one of the main equipments for processing and producing panel furniture. In furniture production, cutting, grooving and blanking can be carried out, but the installation effect of such equipment will directly affect the quality of furniture products.

1. The bed of the CNC Router is finished, polished, deburred and painted, which facilitates the installation of accessories and reduces processing errors.

2. Install the frame, guide rail and instrument into the Router and assemble it. Tighten the screw to make the scale, and check whether the error is within the allowable range (usually 0.05 mm). If the error is too large, loosen the screw, tighten the screw after adjustment, and continue to monitor until the standard is reached.

3. This process takes a long time, even a few days, so large manufacturers have a long construction period, fine workmanship, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and if the error is too large, the rack gap will be uneven, which will directly affect the machining accuracy.

4. Install the instrument tapping device from the main shaft, and adjust the verticality of the main shaft with a grader. Reduce errors. If the vertical error of the spindle is too large, it will cause the edge of the machined plate to collapse, thus affecting the machining accuracy.

5. Improve the machining accuracy, adopt the imported metal machining center to process the Router to ensure that the mechanical accuracy is controlled within 0.02 mm.

6. If the quality of the accessories is qualified, it means that the accessories are highly imitated or defective, and the accuracy will not be very high.

CNC Router manufacturers remind everyone that when using cutting equipment, you must clean the equipment regularly, do not let the equipment work all the time, and replace the water in the antifreeze in time. If you want to know more about the selection skills of cutting equipment for panel furniture, please pay attention to the website renew!

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