Do you really understand the details of CNC Router?

Nowadays, the panel furniture industry is using CNC Router. Its advantages are very prominent, its functions are very powerful, and it plays an important role in the furniture industry. So do you really know this equipment? How much do you know about it? What? Next, Omic CNC will give you a detailed summary, hoping to help you.

Generally speaking, the spindle motor configured on the CNC Router is more powerful than the ordinary CNC Router. Common configurations are 4.5kw and 6kw, while a CNC Router will be equipped with 3 to 4 spindle motors, each of which is responsible for various purposes: punching, grooving and cutting.

Compared with the CNC Router, the Router needs to be equipped with a reducer, which can improve the torque, efficiency, performance and service life of the equipment.

Servo drives and motors, the operation of CNC Router is inseparable from the use of drives and motors, and CNC Router need to be equipped with servo drives and motors.

The frequency converter on the CNC Router is better than the frequency converter on the ordinary numerical control Router. There is nothing to introduce too much. It mainly controls the start, stop and speed adjustment of the spindle.

This is the most important configuration of CNC Router at present. There are three common systems on the market at present, namely Shanlong system, Weihong system, Baoyuan system and a new generation system. Different systems correspond to different price points.

In addition to the above details, there are also guide rails, switches, and vacuum suction plates, but there is nothing too worth mentioning, so I won’t say more. Of course, there are also cutting and cutting software. If you have higher requirements, you can choose the genuine cutting software.

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