What are the characteristics of a real CNC Router?

CNC Router is currently a very intelligent woodworking machinery and equipment, which is widely used. So do you know what the characteristics of CNC Router are? How much do you know about it? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary , I hope it can help everyone.

CNC Router is one of the most widely used categories of intelligent woodworking machinery and equipment. It can not only be used in various industries such as wooden doors and furniture, but also in many handicraft carvings, especially in the wood industry. status.

The huge market of Routers has also attracted the development direction of many woodworking machinery manufacturers, and they have entered the CNC Router market one after another. However, there are not many equipments that can be regarded as truly automatic CNC Routers at present, and many of them are transformed or extended from the structure of traditional woodworking machinery. So, what are the characteristics of a real Router?

(1) The configuration of the vacuum adsorption pump is reasonable, the power consumption is guaranteed, and the adsorption is good;

(2) The unique structure of the transmission system ensures precision and stable performance, and ensures the stability of the machine during long-term work and operation.

The speed of the automatic feeding machine is currently relatively fast in China. The track of the feeding machine driven by the servo motor adopts the straight square guide rail, which has long service life and high precision; the control method of the feeding machine driven by the servo motor is completely separated, and the operation is simple. Completely separate from the computer to protect the computer from harsh environments. The X-axis dust-proof structure of the feeding machine driven by the servo motor avoids the easy entry of dust and damage to the rail slider when the machine moves at high speed.

Regarding the characteristics of the CNC Router, the above content has been introduced to you, from which we learned that the configuration of the equipment is relatively reasonable, and the adsorption of the equipment is good, which ensures the accuracy of the equipment, and the processing speed is fast. The promotion is of great help and solved the problem of insufficient supply in furniture factories, so a large number of furniture factories began to purchase this equipment.

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