Panel furniture production line equipment description and functional characteristics

The CNC cutting machine is an important component of the panel furniture production line , and then the double-station table is optional, which can be used for cutting, grooving, and can also install different tools, and cooperate with the spindle for cutting operation to reduce the time for tool change. With 5+4 vertical drilling equipment, it can perform 9 kinds of vertical drilling. It can be connected to the special design and dismantling software to achieve optimized layout and rapid processing of plates. This machine has a delicate structure and achieves a win-win situation of speed and precision. Coupled with the pushing device, the plate is automatically pushed down from the processing table after the processing is completed, which is convenient for the operator to take the material, saves the time of idle work, and greatly improves the efficiency. The automatic feeding platform can be selected to reduce the dependence on labor. People can complete the work, can realize uninterrupted material cutting, save idle time, and greatly improve production efficiency.

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Features of panel furniture production line:
1. This machine is mainly used for the blanking of panel furniture, wardrobes, cabinets and other panels, and can complete vertical drilling, slotting and cutting.
2. The head part of this equipment has a 9KW air-cooled spindle and is equipped with a high-end machine control system. The four spindles can clamp milling cutters of different diameters, which are respectively used for grooving, material cutting, pneumatic switching, and the tool change efficiency is higher.
3. The machine bed is processed by a five-face milling center, all of which are mechanical drilling, tapping and milling guide rails, with small errors and high precision.
4. The bed is stress-free, sturdy and durable, and does not deform.
5. This machine is suitable for diversified and complex product processing or diversified processing. It can be used for blanking, drilling, cutting, edging, milling, etc. Currently mainly used for cutting and engraving.

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6. The bearing capacity of the square gantry column is stronger and more stable.
7. The adsorption table is a 12-zone small grid distribution pattern with strong adsorption capacity.
8. Machine head parts: The Z-axis screw is a boom type, with high precision and low resistance when the machine head is running.
9. The Z-axis is a direct-connected structure, which overcomes the elastic error of the belt drive of the traditional engraving machine. The x-axis of the guide rail is a back-span type, and the two guide rails are on different datum planes, which increases the stability and rigidity of the z-axis.About panel furniture production lineThe equipment description and functional characteristics have been summed up in detail in the article. From this, we learned that it has the problems of high precision and fast cutting speed, and it also overcomes the problems encountered in the processing of the engraving machine. It is relatively reliable at present. equipment, which is very popular in processing.

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