How to deal with the dust generated when the CNC Router starts?

CNC Router is a relatively intelligent equipment, which can improve the aesthetics and flatness of equipment processing, but also need to deal with the dust generated when the Router is started? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will introduce the processing method to you.

Many manufacturers fail to dust-proof or dust-proof when using the Router, which will affect the machine and people. This is an important problem in the machining process of CNC Router, which has always plagued the manufacturers and users of Router. Although most Routers are equipped with dust collection devices, there is still a lot of dust generated during the engraving process, and the symptoms are not the root cause.

When many users use the Router, if there is no dustproof or vacuuming function, it will cause harm to the machine and people. To eliminate dust pollution, a comprehensive treatment route should be adopted, starting with production equipment, selecting reasonable CNC Routers and equipment, supplemented by certain dust-proof and dust-removing measures.

However, under the current conditions, dust removal equipment should be selected, and the degree of purification required on the job site and the nature of the dust should be considered. Large and medium-sized wood chips can be collected on site in time, and for various fine-grained wood chips, the traditional and effective method is to use pneumatic dust collectors or bag-type dust collectors. If it is not installed, an independent dust collection device can be installed on the machine tool itself, which can also achieve better results. For safety, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect eyes and respiratory organs. Workers operating on machine tools that generate fine sawdust should wear large masks to prevent the intrusion of dust.

Regarding the method of handling the dust of the CNC Router, the above content has been introduced to you. From this, we learned that when using the Router, we must do a good job of dustproofing and vacuuming to eliminate dust pollution in time. Comprehensive measures can be taken. Governance route, do a good job of dust removal.

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