Seven reasons that affect the size of the panel furniture production line

With the development of science and technology, the panel furniture production line industry is getting better and better and more intelligent. CNC Router is a kind of popular intelligent equipment, which has spread to various industries and fields, and the processing efficiency and precision of the equipment have improved. Great improvement, although there are many advantages, but the cutting size will also be affected, you must pay attention when using it, and you can avoid problems later.

External disturbance or pulse loss.

During the cutting process, external interference may also lead to inaccurate machining dimensions. At this time, you can check whether there are large interference sources around the machine tool, such as large motors, high-power frequency conversion systems, welding machinery and equipment. And suspend the operation of some equipment to observe whether the cutting processing problem is improved; check the cable wiring in the electric control cabinet, try to separate the power cable from the control signal cable, whether the control signal cable adopts twisted shielded cable, and whether the shielding layer is connected correctly , whether the grounding of the machine tool is valid.

The cause of mechanical failure.

Before processing, pay attention to whether the cutter head of the woodworking Router of the panel furniture production line is rotated in place, whether the cutter head is locked, whether the transmission belt is slipping, whether there are problems with the transmission gap and the quality of the screws, etc. These are all important factors that cause the deviation of machining dimensions.

Whether the processing material is fixed.

Whether the carving material is firmly fixed is also a factor that affects the deviation of woodworking cutting dimensions. The fixation of woodworking Router tools is generally divided into pressure plate type and adsorption type. For vacuum adsorption, pay attention to whether the vacuum pump is working normally and whether there is air leakage. The platen is simple, just check that the material is securely fastened.

Improper parameter adjustment.

At present, there are many manufacturers of woodworking Routers for panel furniture production lines on the market, and their structures, accessories and choices are different. It needs to be set according to the parameters provided by the specific manufacturer, in order to better ensure the unity of the inertia, stiffness, load and stability of the tool, and ensure the normal processing of the tool.

Process flow problems.

When using woodworking cutting relief, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation process of the equipment, otherwise it will easily lead to the deviation of the processing size.

Processing path.

In the process of processing, the correct setting and saving of the woodworking cutting path is the premise to ensure the correct processing size.

The degree of stitching between the threaded seat couplings.

Z-axis screw drive ensures the high precision of the machine. If there is a gap in the coupling, there will definitely be an error in the engraving size.

all in all! The appearance of the panel furniture production line can not only improve the production efficiency, but also improve the production quality. However, it is inevitable that the size will be inaccurate, resulting in incorrect equipment opening. So, when you encounter these problems, you can check according to the above reasons, I hope it can help everyone!

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