When choosing a CNC Router, you must pay attention to these six points

There are many models of CNC Routers, the quality is also uneven, and the configuration of the equipment is also very different, and the price is very different, so when choosing a cutting machine, everyone should be more careful to avoid choosing poor quality equipment , affecting the normal use in the later period, so do you know what to pay attention to when choosing a cutting machine? How much do you know about it? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you the precautions for purchasing equipment, hoping to help you.

So how to choose the cutting machine equipment, we first need to unlock the function and purpose of the cutting machine.

CNC CNC Routers are divided into four-process cutting machines, straight-line machining centers, non-porous processing centers, sub-mother saws and other equipment according to their functions. Then, in the face of so many types and manufacturers of cutting machines, how should we choose? ?

Choose a professional and powerful manufacturer, only a professional can guarantee the quality, and a manufacturer with strength can guarantee after-sales.

A good CNC cutting machine has high requirements on precision, speed and stability, and ordinary woodworking engraving machines cannot meet the cutting requirements.

There is an old saying: “you get what you pay for”. The cutting machine is not only as simple as the bed of the engraving machine, but also can be used in various complex processes. If you only recognize the price, if you change the system, you can add several spindles to the ordinary engraving machine and use it as a cutting machine, which not only cannot improve the efficiency, but also wastes manpower and material resources, which is not worth the loss.

If conditions permit, try to visit the factory in person to understand the product performance and factory strength of the cutting machine.

The panel of the wardrobe door and the cabinet of the wardrobe wine cabinet are different models, and different models have their own advantages. In terms of equipment selection, we should choose according to our own processing needs. If you do not understand, you can refer to the recommended configuration given by the sales staff.

If the budget is sufficient, you can choose an automatic loading and unloading panel furniture production line. If the budget is not high, you can choose a four-process cutting machine. The four processing spindles can cut materials, pull grooves, and punch holes, which can basically meet all kinds of cabinets. , Wardrobe processing.

The six major precautions for choosing a CNC Router have been introduced to you in the above content. I believe you will have a new understanding and understanding of this after reading it. Equipment with substandard quality will have a great impact on the later processing, so everyone should choose carefully.

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