What is the reason for the failure of the fully automatic CNC Router to process the board

The automatic CNC Router is a relatively important cutting machinery and equipment in the furniture industry at present. It has a very smooth processing process and a good processing effect. Although it has many advantages, the equipment will also have problems when it is used. , For example, the problem of unqualified processing plates, do you know the specific reasons? How much do you know about it? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary, hoping to help you.

The sharpness of the knife

The cutting of the automatic CNC Router is done with knives, and the sharpness of the knives will endanger the roughness of the cutting surface. If the sharpness of the tool is not strong, the driven plate will collapse immediately. If the tool is not in good condition, it is not recommended that the cutting speed be too fast.


The middle layer of the CNC Router uses high-density board and plywood. These two kinds of boards have high strength, but they are widely used in the production of customized furniture due to low cost and production and processing reasons. But these two kinds of boards have the same problem, that is, they are all made with a sense of depression, which means that they are not a whole, if the bonding range is not strong, the edge will collapse at the moment of opening.

Spindle bearing speed ratio

It’s the same thing as a sharp knife. If the speed ratio of the spindle bearing is not enough, the plate opened by the kitchen cabinet opener will be abnormal, and the edge will collapse, and the spindle speed will be higher than the adjustment.

the negative impact of vacuum pump adsorption is poor

The vacuum pump of some cutting machines produced by the manufacturer is not very strong on the cabinet table. When the CNC machine tool CNC Router is producing and processing materials, the steel parts are not firmly adsorbed, resulting in the movement of the board, which is also the reason for the collapse of the board. The adsorption holes on the table indirectly adsorb the plates on the table. The adverse effect of this adsorption table is stronger, and the plate support will double the average value, which will immediately improve the opening effect.

The tool is not clamped firmly

The tool of the automatic CNC Router is not clamped firmly, which will cause plate chipping and tool damage during the systematic process of producing and processing materials.

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