What is the purpose of installing the reducer on the woodworking CNC Router? What is the function?

The woodworking CNC Router has a large processing workload and high precision. When it is used, the load capacity of the equipment usually exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself. In order to improve the processing power of the Router, we need to use a reducer to improve the servo motor. The output torque of the motor can solve this problem, so do you know what is the purpose of installing the reducer in the Router? What is the function? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will introduce it to you.

Forward torque:

The way to increase the output torque can be to directly increase the output torque of the servo motor, but this method not only requires the use of expensive high-power servo motors, but also has a more robust structure, and the increase in torque is proportional to the increase in control current. In this case, choosing larger drives and raising the standard of power electronic components and related electromechanical equipment will greatly increase the cost of the control system.

Second, strengthen the application: theoretically promote scientific and technological progress.

Positive performance:

As we all know, improper matching of load inertia of woodworking CNC Router is one of the reasons for the instability of servo control. For large load inertia, the equivalent load inertia can be distributed by the inverse of the square of the reduction ratio and thus controlled, so from this point of view, the reducer matches the control echo of the servo application.

Fourth, prolong the service life of the equipment:

The reducer can also cope with the degradation of the motor’s low-speed control characteristics. Due to the controllability of the servo motor, there will be a certain degree of attenuation due to the reduction of speed, especially for the stability of signal acquisition and current control at low speed. Therefore, the reducer can make the motor have a higher speed.

The function of the reducer of the woodworking CNC Router is mainly positive torque, which increases the use strength, controls the positive performance, and prolongs the service life of the equipment. From this, we understand that the installation of the reducer has a great auxiliary effect on the function of the equipment. If necessary Equipment friends can contact us.

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