What is a high-performance and high-standard CNC Router? CNC Router manufacturers will answer for you!

At present, there are various CNC cutting equipment on the market. Among them, CNC Router plays a very important role in furniture factories. It brings a lot of convenience to manufacturers and saves a lot of labor costs. In this case, the requirements for equipment performance are very high, so do you know what high-performance and high-standard Router equipment is? How much do you know about it? Next, CNC Router manufacturer Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary a bit.

First of all, the configuration is high, the workload of the Router is very large, so the quality and stability of the parts are required to be high. Usually, a good Router needs to meet the basic requirements of high configuration.

Secondly, the adsorption effect must be good. In the production process of cabinets and wardrobes, many small wooden boards and wooden strips will be processed. If the equipment is not well adsorbed, it is easy to cause problems with the running board. Of course, if the adsorption is not good, the machine speed cannot be improved.

Third, the vacuuming effect is good, although the vacuuming effect of the CNC Router does not affect the processing effect, but in the case of high environmental protection requirements, the vacuuming effect of the equipment itself needs to meet the standard. Moreover, if the vacuuming effect of the equipment is not good, it is easy to cause the aging of the equipment accessories, affect the service life of the equipment, and increase the workload of cleaning the equipment.

Fourth, high precision is also a very important point. The panel furniture industry requires the machining accuracy of cabinets to be within 20 lines. If the accuracy is not achieved, the assembled cabinet will have the problem of seam marks. The drawers of the cabinets can’t even be installed if some equipment is inaccurate.

Fifth,Processing speed is an important indicator reflecting equipment performance. Under the current situation of fierce competition and low profit margins in the panel furniture industry, the production efficiency of equipment directly affects the production efficiency of enterprises.

CNC Router manufacturers said that in order to achieve high performance and high standards, they must meet the requirements of high configuration, good adsorption effect, good dust collection effect, high precision, and fast processing speed. Only in this way can the Router be applied better.

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