Why do friends who make panel furniture choose a CNC router?

The cnc router can realize functions such as cutting, punching, and grooving, and occupies an important position in the market. Therefore, many customers who make panel furniture will choose this equipment to improve processing efficiency.

The cnc router is an economical multi-functional numerical control equipment. The equipment has four spindles. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can realize cutting processing. Two of the spindles are high-power spindles, which are specially used for slotting and cutting, and the other two spindles are specially used for punching holes, so that the hole size problem encountered in the production of panel furniture can be dealt with. Therefore, the four-process CNC cutting machine uses The number of manufacturers is gradually increasing, after all, the comprehensive cost performance of the equipment is very high.

The cnc router also has the following characteristics:

1. The four spindles can realize zero-second tool change, and complete the processing of products in large quantities. The advanced automatic tool change program is adopted, and the program is automatically executed without manual intervention. Adopt international advanced technology vacuum adsorption table, equipped with vacuum pump with strong adsorption force, six-zone design, can adsorb materials in different areas, greatly improve work efficiency.

2. The body of the cnc router adopts a new type of large square tube bed, which is tempered at high temperature to ensure that the body has small deformation, good rigidity, high strength, firmness and no deformation, and is durable.

3. The equipment is assembled with precision parts. Combined with high-torque servo motor, high-precision gear and imported rack drive, the machine tool has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.

4. The double-bag vacuum cleaner has a strong vacuuming effect, which ensures that a large amount of dust occurs during the processing, which affects the normal processing.

5. It adopts 7-zone vacuum adsorption table, 6 positioning cylinders, customized embedded parts to absorb the bottom plate, and can quickly replace the bottom plate without gluing.

The cnc router can be used in the manufacture and processing of panel furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, panel furniture, children’s furniture and other cabinets to help panel furniture achieve better processing results.

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