Accuracy and attention problems of CNC Router

CNC Router is an important processing equipment. It is very important in processing. It has relatively powerful functions and high processing efficiency. It is commonly used equipment in major furniture factories. Does it affect it? So do you know what problems need to be paid attention to? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary.

1. Voltage stability: Maintaining voltage stability is the primary factor in protecting the electrical components of the machine. Generally, the feeder has protective measures such as leakage protection device and thermal resistance. If the voltage is unstable or the temperature is too high, the machine will alarm.

2. Strengthen lubrication: The crawler, screw and other accessories run on the crawler, and regular lubrication helps to ensure the stability and safety of the crawler.

3. Cooling water temperature: The cooling degree of the spindle and the tool depends on the water temperature.

4. Choose a good knife: The CNC Router is mainly a knife, and a good knife can be used for a long time. Frequent tool changes will damage the tool holder and spindle, and the machine often starts and stops abnormally, which may affect the service life of the machine.

5. Load reduction: This machine is not a storage platform for handling materials, but a guarantee for your long-term use to avoid overloading the machine beam.

Which parts are related to the precision of CNC Router?

1. Slide rail: The slide rail plays a very important role in the production process of the Router. The more durable the slide, the less damage caused by long-term use, and the higher the precision of the Router.

2. Cabinet workbench: The flatness of the cutting cabinet workbench is also a key factor affecting the processing accuracy. The cabinet table is not flat, and the machining accuracy deviation is large; the flatter the workbench, the smaller the accuracy deviation. The CNC machine tool adopts a vacuum pump suction cabinet worktable, which has strong adsorption force and no board operation in production and processing. In addition, using the embedded parts on the cabinet countertops, the jaws can be easily removed and replaced without scraping and dispensing, which improves the precision of the countertops, avoids air blockage and steam leakage between areas, and improves practical Absorption effect.

3. Lathe: The bed is the key factor that endangers the reliability of the whole machine. The greater the stiffness of the bed, the smaller the impact on the bed during the production process, and the higher the machining accuracy. The heavier the bed itself, the greater the reliability and accuracy.

4. AC servo motor and system software: The system software runs smoothly, and the feedback mechanism is fast and accurate. The AC servo motor has large torque and high precision, which is also related to the machining accuracy. Generally, AC servo motor or Yaskawa servo motor is recommended, and the system software of the Router is usually a servo system or a new generation system.

The precision and attention of the CNC Router have been introduced to you in the above content. I believe you will have a new understanding and understanding of this after reading it. If you want to know more, you can pay more attention to our website. Hope to be able to help everyone.

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