Cabinet door processing must choose the right CNC Router

CNC Router is one of the main equipment of custom furniture production line, which can carry out processing such as cutting, slotting, and opening. According to different production and processing requirements, the cutting machine can be divided into four-process cutting machine, in-line processing center, non-porous processing center and other equipment. There are many models, so everyone knows how the cabinet door processing company should choose the cutting machine. ? How much do you know about this? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary.

Blue Elephant CNC strongly recommends that you choose according to the specific production and processing requirements. Taking the production and processing of cabinet doors as an example, it analyzes how to choose a suitable CNC Router and cabinet door production and processing according to your needs, and can choose a straight row according to the production and processing technology. Machining center or four-process cutting machine.

1. The production and processing of the cabinet door is simple, and the production and processing procedures of the cabinet door do not exceed four. It is strongly recommended to use a four-process cutting machine, which has four spindle bearings and can be equipped with different CNC blades. In production and processing, the four spindles can be automatically switched, which can save time for tool change. This equipment has very fast processing speed and high production and processing efficiency. It is a very good equipment.

2. It is more complicated to do cabinet processing, and it is strongly recommended to choose a straight row machining center. The reason is that the in-line machining center is equipped with twelve tool magazines, which can completely automatically replace the appropriate CNC inserts during production and processing, saving tool change time. In contrast, this equipment is more suitable for processing cabinets, so different production and processing requirements can be considered.

To sum up, if you are doing cabinet door processing, we recommend that you choose a four-process cutting machine, which can fully meet the processing needs. Multiple knives can be switched freely, and the process is more concise. It is a very good CNC Router . Therefore, when you choose, you must choose the appropriate equipment according to your needs.

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