How to maintain the CNC Router better?

These 7 methods will help you a lot CNC Router is an intelligent cutting equipment in panel furniture. It has many models, strong functions and high precision. It is its main feature. At the same time, it is favored by many manufacturers because of these characteristics. Although it has many advantages, it is used in Do maintenance work at all times, so do you know the correct way to maintain equipment? How much do you know about this? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary.

1. Be sure to carefully check whether there is dirt on the slide rail, rack, and limit switch at the starting point of the feeder, and clean it up immediately. If not removed, the dirt will cause the transmission gear and connecting parts to be damaged too quickly, reducing the precision of the CNC Router for custom furniture.

2. It is important to check whether the transmission belts of the main saw and auxiliary saw motors can operate normally, and it is very important to check whether the transmission belts are loose. If the drive belt is loose, it is very likely that “deviation” will occur, resulting in “different failures” of the automatic Router.

3. Check whether the front, rear, left, and right racks of the band saw blade are normal.

4. Ash removal is also very important. In particular, check whether the dust on the main power box and the internal cooling fan of the Router is clean.

5. Be careful with anti-pollution solutions for dust boots.

6. In order to better prevent the equipment from being found abnormal when it cannot operate normally, the emergency stop power switch needs to be careful to avoid secondary damage.

7. Check whether there is dust or dirt on the heat pipe radiator of each motor of the CNC Router, and also check whether the working pressure of each pressure gauge is normal. According to the different values ​​of the barometer, distinguish or prevent common failures in the mechanical equipment of the Router.

Regarding the maintenance method of the CNC Router , the above content has been introduced to you. When maintaining the equipment, the dust removal and stability of the Router are important issues, because this is related to the normal operation of the product. Once the equipment appears Due to the influence of foreign objects and offset problems, the machining accuracy cannot be guaranteed, so when using and maintaining the equipment, you must do a good job of careful work.

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