Six misunderstandings when buying CNC Router, hurry up and collect them!

Nowadays, the development speed of the panel furniture decoration industry is very fast. In order to improve the processing speed and meet the market processing needs in a timely manner, more and more manufacturers begin to replace manual operation with mechanical equipment. CNC Router manufacturers, when we choose, we must first understand the misunderstandings of equipment purchase and avoid pitfalls. The following Blue Elephant CNC will introduce the misunderstandings in detail for you, hoping to help you.

1. Spindle power of CNC Router: Spindle power affects the processing effect. If the processed product needs cutting function, it is recommended to choose a high-power spindle with fast cutting speed and good effect, and generally choose a 9KW high-power air-cooled spindle.

2. The motor type of the Router: the basic one is a stepping motor. If some friends want a better motor but don’t want to invest too much, they can choose a domestic servo motor. If the machine itself has more complete functions and higher configuration, it is recommended to use a better imported servo motor for the Router.

3. The adsorption table of the Router: Many friends of the CNC Router will mention when purchasing a machine for the Router. It is good to use the adsorption table to process the whole plate, but sometimes when processing small materials , I feel that it takes electricity to open the adsorption pump, so I want to absorb the card dual-purpose countertop. This desktop can do it, and you may think it’s good for dual use. This perception is wrong! Its adsorption effect is not as good as the full adsorption table! The adsorption table is partitioned, and the adsorption area can be opened for the non-whole board, saving power.

4. Adsorption pump of feeder: When it comes to adsorption table, we have to talk about the choice of adsorption pump. The adsorption pump is divided into the air-cooled adsorption pump and the water-cooled adsorption pump of the feeder. The noise of the air-cooled adsorption pump is larger than that of the water-cooled adsorption pump, but friends in the north who use the water-cooled adsorption pump should pay attention to the antifreeze problem in autumn and winter. Therefore, you can choose the right adsorption pump according to the climate in your area.

5. CNC Router body: Why is the frame of the Router different from the ordinary woodworking engraving machine, and the woodworking Router also belongs to the woodworking industry? It is said that the servo motor runs faster than the ordinary motor, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of the body. Poor stability will affect machining accuracy. If the bed frame is not thick enough, you must use a good motor and other configurations, and the processed products are also defective and substandard products.

6. CNC Router control system: Many friends will feel that because of the addition of some configurations or functions, the price difference is so big. CNC equipment can be used without adding accessories. Each configuration function requires system control, so system versions will vary. Just like the software you use on your phone may not be possible without an upgrade, some functions may not be available. Therefore, a new generation control system is generally selected. If the manufacturer recommends the domestic low-end system, it proves that the manufacturer is not professional at all.

To sum up, when purchasing a CNC Router , we must pay attention to the selection of the main shaft, the adsorption function of the adsorption table, the noise of the adsorption pump, the stability of the machine body and the configuration of the control system. It is not clear, so it is difficult to make judgments when purchasing.

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