Interpretation of the main components of the vacuum suction pump of the CNC Router

When manufacturers make CNC Routers, they are generally equipped with vacuum adsorption pumps according to customer requirements. It is very convenient for customers to choose this equipment. Due to the uneven quality of vacuum pumps, when choosing, it is necessary to Pay attention to some details to avoid being deceived. In order to let everyone fully grasp the knowledge in this area, Blue Elephant CNC will summarize it in detail for everyone, hoping to help everyone.

The power models of circulating vacuum pumps used in ordinary CNC Routers are generally 4.0 kw, 5.5 kw, 7.5 kw, etc., and the vacuum adsorption force of different powers is different.

The main components of the water circulation vacuum adsorption pump of the CNC Router include the following aspects:

1. Air inlet: connect the suction pipe of the woodworking engraving machine.

2. Dust cover: to prevent debris such as wood chips from entering the pump;

3. Check valve: When it stops working, it prevents the water in the pump from flowing back into the equipment.

4. Water inlet pipe: When the working fluid is injected into the pump, the equipment will generate a vacuum.

5. Inlet valve: control the flow of working fluid. Before opening, you need to fully open the valve to ensure that water has entered the pump, and start the vacuum pump.

6. Drainage outlet: After the equipment is used for about 10 days, drain the working fluid in the empty tank and replace it with clean demineralized water.

7. Exhaust hole: The gas generated during the adsorption process is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust hole. The vent holes should not be blocked. The pipe diameter connection should not exceed two meters, and the pipe diameter connection should not be less than 5cm, otherwise it is easy to overload and damage the motor.

8. Upper water level port: add water to the water tank until the upper water level port flows out. Add water regularly before starting the vacuum pump every day to ensure that there is enough working fluid in the water tank.

9. Water tank: A container for storing working fluid.

Regarding the introduction of the main components of the vacuum suction pump of the CNC Router, the above content has been introduced. From this, we know that the vacuum suction pump is an important part of the Router. Therefore, we need to fully understand the equipment.

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