From which aspects should we investigate CNC Router manufacturers

Nowadays, major furniture factories have great demand for Routers, and there are large and small Router manufacturers in the market. In order to choose high-quality and low-cost Router equipment, we should do a good job Equipment inspection, do you know which aspects should be inspected for CNC Router manufacturers? How much do you know about it? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary, hoping to help you.


Due to differences in brands and configurations, the price of CNC Routers ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Therefore, it is necessary to find suitable equipment according to the size of production needs. At the same time, don’t fall into the salesperson’s price trap. Some unscrupulous merchants will temporarily change the configuration according to the transaction price, while some manufacturers have lower equipment prices, which attracts some customers. However, after use, it is found that the failure rate is high, there are no major problems, and the small failures continue, which seriously affects the production efficiency and quality.

Therefore, paying attention to low price and not quality has taught everyone a deep lesson. Therefore, don’t blindly pursue low prices, but pursue high cost performance, that is, find a CNC Router that meets your production needs and has excellent quality.

Second, the scale of manufacturers:

The scale largely reflects the strength and quality of the manufacturer, which can be judged from the following aspects:

1. Plant area and number of machines in production: You can intuitively see the business volume and market volume of the manufacturer through observation.

2. The number of R&D personnel and workers: At present, the homogeneity of domestic CNC Routers is serious. Only by having our own R&D team can we achieve product update and iteration, bring industry competitors, and achieve customer production benefits.

3. Whether there is an independent machining workshop: A machining center directly affects the service life and failure rate of the CNC Router, and the cost is as high as several million. Many manufacturers have limited funds and cannot invest, so they choose to replace processing factories. In this way, the technology and construction period are controlled by others, the equipment accuracy cannot be controlled, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

3. After-sales service and software training

1. Whether to provide timely, complete and thoughtful after-sales service: on-site installation and commissioning, three guarantees during the warranty period, convenient replacement of parts, equipment maintenance guidance, etc.

2. Whether there are professionals to provide software training services, because professional software has higher precision when inputting. Companies that have software training capabilities and can provide perfect after-sales service can help us solve many problems.

Therefore, when we inspect the CNC Router manufacturers, we should investigate the price of the product, the scale of the manufacturer, and the manufacturer’s perfect after-sales service and software training. Only manufacturers with reliable quality and relatively complete product service systems are worthy of our trust.

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