CNC Router is an important component of panel furniture production line

The automatic panel furniture production line is composed of multiple pieces of equipment. The required machines and equipment models are usually selected according to your own needs. The CNC Router is an important component of the panel furniture production line. How much do you know? Is it not clear? It doesn’t matter. Next, Blue Elephant CNC will give you a detailed summary.

There are many equipments for manufacturing panel furniture, including table saws, electronic cutting saws, CNC Routers, etc. Why is the panel furniture production line inseparable from CNC Routers?

1. Product intelligence

The CNC Router can intelligently cut material automatically. After entering the cutting program, the plate can be processed automatically without manual intervention.

Second, the improvement of cutting accuracy

Compared with traditional machine tools, the configuration of CNC Router has been improved, and the control system has been upgraded and optimized. The data processing is accurate and fast, and the machine equipment runs stably. The addition of automatic tool setting function makes it easier for operators to use the equipment while ensuring the accuracy of the equipment.

3. High utilization rate of plates

The CNC Router, through the cutting software typesetting, does not need to manually calculate the size of the sheet, which can improve the utilization rate of the sheet, save waste, and thus save costs.

4. The system automatically realizes the switching of tools

The CNC Router realizes automatic tool change by switching the cylinder. If the hole diameter is large when drilling, it can realize the processing of three-in-one hole, rubber particle hole and large-diameter wooden pin hole through reaming to meet the production process requirements. In addition, automatic grooving, automatic material cutting, automatic pushing, etc. can be realized, and the degree of automation is relatively high.

The CNC Router is a relatively intelligent product. The cutting precision of this equipment is relatively high, and the system can automatically realize the switching of various tools. The degree of automation of the equipment is very high, and it has become a relatively reliable equipment on the market.

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