Choosing a suitable CNC Router is of great help to improve product processing efficiency

It takes a lot of effort to choose the appropriate machine and equipment from many CNC Router manufacturers. For example, when choosing, you must first understand the function of the cutting machine and compare whether the machine function can meet your own processing. If the demand is not met, or the quality is relatively poor, then you can give up this type of product, so you must choose the right equipment, so how to choose? Let’s take a look!

First, to choose a manufacturer specializing in the production of CNC Router, this can be done by communicating with the manufacturer to determine whether the manufacturer is professional or not.

Second, the most important thing is to compare the differences between each manufacturer in terms of process and accessories. If conditions permit, you can visit the manufacturer in person. The cutting machine is quite high in accuracy, speed and stability. Ordinary woodworking engraving machines do not meet the conditions of furniture factories, so if you choose a CNC cutting machine yourself, you must choose a manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process.

Third, you must choose a suitable model. For manufacturers with strong financial strength, you can freely choose automatic loading and unloading CNC cutting machines and six-sided drills. For small and medium-sized panel furniture factories with limited financial strength, the in-line machining center/four-process cutting machine + side hole machine is an important model, and the four spindles of the four-process cutting machine can be equipped with four different knife types. It can not only ensure the cutting speed, but also can make small holes of 6mm and above, and this model is suitable for various processes such as cabinet wardrobes and cabinet door panels.

In short, when choosing a CNC Router, the strength of the machine manufacturer, the service level of the machine and the type of the machine should be investigated in the early stage to ensure that the selected equipment is a qualified product. Convenience, so as to achieve better processing results and improve processing speed.

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