Furniture CNC router maintenance has coup, these tricks can play an important role

The furniture CNC router has further improved in sheet cutting, punching, grooving, etc., and the processing effect is better, but in the process of using the equipment for a long time, the equipment will also have problems. In fact, we want to avoid the processing process. If there is a problem in the process, we can avoid it from the daily maintenance work. Below we will introduce the maintenance work of the furniture CNC router, hoping to help you.

The furniture CNC router has a fast tool conversion speed and more accurate cutting efficiency, which can easily process the board and improve the processing quality. At the same time, since the CNC router does not damage the material, it can keep the wood utilization efficiency significantly improved.

Avoid external influences.

CNC mechanical equipment and computer control system are the core components of CNC router. These two parts involve a lot of fine design. Therefore, CNC router manufacturers with high quality and good after-sales service remind users that when using CNC router , To avoid the impact of external force, the impact resistance effect can be strengthened and improved by preventing the router from being installed on the shockproof equipment.

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Wipe regularly

Although the external protection performance of the CNC furniture router is good, the connection between the machine tool and the equipment is specially designed to prevent the entry of wood chips, but because most of the workplaces operated by the router have a lot of wood dust, the actual workshop The air environment is worse. Therefore, dust removal and wiping should be carried out in time in daily life to avoid circuit aging after dust enters the CNC router, which will affect the service life of the instrument.

Pay attention to daily lubrication

When lubricating and maintaining the CNC furniture router, the user needs to turn off the power first, and then disassemble the relevant important parts to expose the connection between the slider and the guide rail, so as to find the part that needs to be lubricated. Proper selection and use of lubricants is also important. Lubricating oil should not be added excessively or incorrectly. Generally, a toothpick is used to fill an appropriate amount of qualified lubricating oil into the gap, and the slider is driven to make each part stick with lubricating oil.

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