How to use CNC solid CNC Router in solid wood furniture

The CNC solid cnc router is a numerical control automation equipment for processing solid wood, special-shaped processing, and modeling processing. The operation of the equipment is very simple. After entering the designed file into the cutting machine, the processing can be started. The process is completely automated, and no need Manual intervention, the solid cnc router is a numerical control equipment that replaces the wire saw to process special-shaped solid wood panels. It is pneumatically clamped, automatically fed, and easy to operate. Its processing thickness is 15cm, with high processing accuracy and high speed. Ordinary wire saws cannot process large boards. It needs manual feeding, low processing efficiency and low processing accuracy, which fundamentally solves the current situation of lack of manpower and difficulty in manual production. It is a high cost-effective CNC equipment, and it is an ideal for industrializing and intelligentizing traditional solid wood furniture production. tool, so how is the device used in solid wood furniture?

First of all, we have fundamentally reduced the requirements for technicians in the solid wood processing technology. Ordinary workers can operate this process. Then we need to increase the processing equipment of solid wood. We see a very simple example. Taking solid wood processing as an example, we now have The model of the solid cnc router and the automatic CNC solid wood panel processing saw can completely replace the original manual template and the responsible process of wire saw drawing. The solid cnc router is equipped with manual feeding rollers, which is convenient for feeding, automatic positioning and clamping, machine The worktable drives the plate to move rapidly. With the high-speed rotation of the main shaft, it drives the professional tool to complete the straight and curved processing. The processing speed of the 10cm thick plate is 5m/min, and the processing thickness of the plate can reach 15cm. An ordinary female worker can operate the machine, which is very easy to operate. Simple, this can easily solve the problem of labor and complex machining process.

This is just a process solution, there are many different processes, such as the processing technology of solid wood door panels, if the traditional manual template is used for vertical milling, the labor intensity is high, the process is complicated, and the precision is low. If the CNC solid cnc router is used, It is specially used for solid wood assembly doors (indoor doors or cabinet doors). The solid cnc router is not only economical and practical, but also easy to operate. Ordinary workers can operate without complicated programming, which greatly simplifies the process and improves work efficiency.

By introducing solid wood numerical control equipment, improving production technology, and innovating product design styles, we can enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprise products and realize the standardized production of solid wood furniture products. Through different combinations and collocations, some seemingly simple products can be combined. Different shapes and functions are produced for the development of solid wood furniture factories and are indispensable tools and equipment.

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