The difference between CNC Router and panel furniture processing center

Sometimes when customers inspect the equipment, they tend to confuse the CNC Router and the panel furniture processing center, and do not know how to distinguish and choose. Here we briefly explain the differences between them;

First,The CNC Router is mainly divided into ordinary single-head CNC Wood Router, double-process cutting machine, three-process cutting machine and four-process cutting machine. According to the number of processes, different cutting machines are equipped with different spindles Motor, one motor is equipped with different knives, so which knife is needed during work, the corresponding motor will automatically work, and the rest of the motors will stop and rise, so that the trouble of manual tool change can be reduced, and it can be Replacing one of the spindle motors with a drill pack can perform drilling operations, which can meet most of the work needs without using manual operations, saving a lot of time and manpower.

Second,the CNC Wood Router also has disadvantage, such as: what should I do if I use more knives? If the machine head is not enough, the tool needs to be replaced manually, so the cutting machining center came into being. The cutting machining center was born to solve this problem. It has only one spindle motor, and the tools are stored in the tool magazine. When tools are needed, the program will automatically control the program to automatically control the spindle motor to the position of the tool magazine and replace the required tools without manual intervention. One tool magazine can install 8-12 tools, and double tool magazines can also be installed. That is to say, 24 knives can be installed at the same time for use, fully meeting any processing needs. Automatic tool change is also divided into many types according to different tool magazines, such as disc tool change, bamboo hat style tool change, straight row tool change, and gantry follower tool changer, etc.

The specific choice of cutting machine can be selected according to your actual production needs, or you can consult Blue Elephant CNC online, and we will recommend suitable equipment to you according to your actual needs.


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