If you want to increase the output of CNC Router, you must pay attention to these three aspects

At present, with the rapid development of panel furniture, CNC Routers are becoming more and more popular. Now major processing workshops have begun to use this equipment to improve the processing efficiency, but the Router really wants to achieve good output. , When you choose and use the device, you must pay attention to the following three aspects, hoping to help you.

Model selection of CNC Router.

There are many types of Routers, and the processing efficiency of each model is different. The processing efficiency of the double-station in-line machining center is much higher than that of the ordinary in-line machining center, which can save the time of automatic loading and unloading and realize no-interval production. At the same time, more plates can be processed, which can save labor and production costs.

The woodworking material and processing sequence.

In order to improve the processing efficiency and productivity, the processing should be carried out in the correct order of operations to prevent the disorder of the order, resulting in the waste of processed plates. The processing functions must be complete, and the processing sequence should be reasonably optimized to avoid excessive material waste.

Determine the depth of the knife according to the material of the woodworking Router.

According to the actual situation, we should do rough machining first and then finish machining. When roughing, cut off all the allowance as much as possible to save the finishing time. The performance of woodworking tools is not only reflected in the hardware configuration of the machine, but also requires our long-term accumulated processing experience to increase the processing efficiency of woodworking tools.

To sum up, in order to increase the processing output of the CNC Router, we must choose the appropriate model and process it in the correct processing order. availability, thereby increasing the speed of furniture processing.

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