Is the reason for the high price of CNC Router because of the brand?

CNC Router is a common woodworking CNC mechanical equipment, widely used in the panel furniture processing industry, and is also one of our main equipment for the production of panel furniture. The quality of the equipment directly affects the quality of the product. How to choose a good CNC Router? Next, Blue Elephant CNC will take you to understand the equipment assembly process.

1. The finished bed is polished with burrs and floating paint to facilitate the installation of accessories and reduce errors.

2. Install the racks and guide rails to assemble the meter, tighten the screws, and perform the scoring meter. If the error is too large, the screw should be loosened. After adjustment, tighten the screw and continue monitoring until the standard is reached. If the error is too large, it will cause uneven rack clearance and directly affect the machining accuracy.

3. Installation The main shaft is used for meter assembly, and the dial indicator is used to adjust the verticality of the main shaft to reduce errors. If the vertical error of the spindle is too large, it will cause the edge of the machined board to collapse, and it will also affect the machining accuracy.

4.install the positioning cylinder for meter assembly, and adjust the accuracy of the positioning cylinder. We produce cabinets. After one side of the board is processed, it needs to be turned over. The positioning cylinder directly affects the positioning accuracy of the turning plate. If the positioning cylinder accuracy is poor, the boards processed on both sides will have errors, which will cause uneven sides when assembling the cabinet. This is why some cabinets have uneven heights, uneven fronts, and different gap sizes.

A good CNC Router equipment is not as simple as we think, hundreds of accessories, through strict production process, every step must be refined, but also after strict inspection before it can officially leave the factory, as the so-called, You get what you pay for every penny. The editor of Blue Elephant recommends that you don’t be greedy for cheap, and you still need to conduct an on-the-spot investigation when purchasing equipment.

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