As a cutting tool in the new industrial era, CNC Router helps the furniture industry to develop rapidly

As a cutting tool in the new industrial era, CNC Router has become an important processing equipment in large and medium-sized panel furniture factories with the advantages of intelligence, automation, convenient operation and fast processing speed, helping the furniture industry to develop rapidly and achieve better processing. Effect.

Let’s talk about the advantages of CNC Router from four points:

High utilization rate

of sheet material rate to the maximum effect.

Reduce labor intensity

The Router is equipped with an automatic loading and unloading platform, and the platform can automatically adjust the height according to the number of plates. When automatic feeding is required, the adsorption device mounted on the beam can absorb the plate from the feeding platform, and through the movement of the beam, the plate can be dragged to the processing table to complete the automatic feeding operation. The automatic unloading platform is the pusher system mounted on the beam, which can push the finished plate on the table to the unloading platform. The conveyor belt of the auxiliary unloading table can complete the unloading without moving the position of the board, which can reduce the labor intensity and complete the work easily, generally without much effort.

High processing efficiency

The Router has a high degree of automation, which can realize automatic loading and unloading functions, reduce manual plate changing time, and automatically replace the spindle to achieve gap-free work and higher processing efficiency.

High machining accuracy

The Router adopts vacuum adsorption table, and it is more convenient to replace the table with embedded parts, and it is convenient to replace the lining plate. , Air leakage, improve the adsorption effect, avoid the plate running board, and affect the processing accuracy.

The above are the four advantages of CNC Router, which are also the issues that customers are more concerned about. Blue Elephant CNC can help you choose suitable equipment and improve processing efficiency and processing speed.

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