If a furniture factory wants to transform and upgrade, it must choose a CNC Router

We all know that any business is based on making money, but how to make money? In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, taking the panel furniture industry as an example, custom furniture is now a trend, but people hand it over to save trouble. to the installation company. Nowadays, people like personalized customization, which requires wardrobes and cabinets to be customized, which brings business opportunities to furniture factories. However, we have to note that no family structure is exactly the same, it takes time to measure and calculate the size. Then processing to produce finished products, resulting in low production efficiency and high labor costs, which virtually reduces the profit of the furniture factory. Therefore, furniture factories need to transform and upgrade, and find ways to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. CNC Router have become the main equipment of major furniture factories.

Needless to say, the functions of the automatic CNC Router are feeding, unloading, punching, and grooving. You can do whatever you can think of. First, use the material opening and dismantling software matched with the machine to set the size of the cabinet or wardrobe to be made, then make the path and enter the control panel. The rest is the machine to automatically cut the material, process the finished product, manually label it, and then trim and seal the edge with the automatic edge banding machine. This way custom cabinets and wardrobes are ready. However, some people will ask, it can be seen that the CNC Router saves time and effort, so how to save the board? For example, I used a half board to make a cabinet, and there are half boards left, so how to use the remaining boards? Simple, it can be solved only by designing the cutting and splitting software and setting the actual size to the cutting size.

Only through our simple description, it is impossible to have a good sense of experience, so we recommend that you go to the manufacturer of the CNC Router for on-the- spot inspection, and really understand these equipment, in order to get more satisfactory products and achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, if furniture manufacturers want to transform and upgrade, they must do a good job in the selection of equipment.


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