The six factors that affect the stability of the CNC cutting machine are all here

The CNC cutting machine is the core equipment in the furniture processing industry, and it is very important when choosing it, because the equipment may not match the processing plate or the processing effect does not meet the standard and other problems during use, which will affect the numerical control. The stability of the cutting machine processing, in order to solve this problem, next, Blue Elephant CNC will introduce the six factors that affect the stability of the cutting machine in detail, hoping to help everyone. ensure that there is a professional design team.
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3. Processing technology of the machine bed of the cutting machine
The machining process of the equipment bed of the cutting machine starts with welding and materials, all operated by professional welders. Professional steel used for CNC machine tools and processing technology, all the guide rail table, rack table, drilling and tapping of the equipment are made of regular products, which fundamentally guarantees the accuracy and stability of the equipment. This investment is huge, generally Small cutting machine manufacturers can not guarantee.
4.the assembly process of the panel furniture cutting machine
Our company employs professional assemblers, with rich experience in CNC cutting machine assembly, high work quality requirements, and proficient in equipment assembly technology. This step ensures that each part can be assembled and operated in the proper way, professional technicians and ordinary workers have the same machine parts, and the assembled cutting machine is completely different.
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5. the quality inspection of the cutting machine
For the quality inspection of the cutting machine, after each piece of cutting machine equipment is assembled, the key point is the mode and quality inspection of the equipment. Before leaving the factory, each device needs to complete various data and parameter modes, and each requirement on each quality inspection sheet needs to meet the standard requirements. Moreover, the customer will inspect the machine before leaving the factory, and it will be delivered to the customer after it is qualified.
6. After-sales service of the cutting machine
Stable performance of any equipment is a basic requirement, but it cannot be guaranteed that all machines have no machine problems. In fact, it is normal to have problems. The key is how to solve the follow-up problems and whether the manufacturer has the ability to provide customers with after-sales service in a timely manner. This is to ensure that customers can enjoy timely after-sales service and bring customers a better experience.
The six factors that affect the CNC cutting machine have been introduced to you in the above content. From this, we learned that when choosing a CNC cutting machine, we must choose regular manufacturers and regular brands. There are many hidden dangers in the later processing.

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