Several classifications of Blue Elephant CNC Wood Router

Blue Elephant CNC Wood Router can be divided into several categories according to different production needs. The commonly used ones are: ordinary single-head CNC Wood Router, three-process CNC Wood Router, four-process CNC Wood Router and double-station four-process CNC Wood Router;

Ordinary single-head CNC Wood Router: Generally, it can meet the needs of production and processing enterprises with little demand. It can improve the previous production process and improve production efficiency. It can also add moving rollers to the equipment, which can maximize the use efficiency of the equipment.

Three/four-process CNC Wood Router: two/three more spindles than ordinary CNC Wood Routers, and the processing efficiency is further improved;

Double-station four-process CNC Wood Router : double-workbench, reduce downtime, so as to truly save time, labor and labor;

For more CNC Wood Routers and how to choose, you can consult the Blue Elephant CNC sales hotline: 18615679770, we will recommend suitable equipment to you according to your needs, and can also customize according to your needs;


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