Production solutions for non-porous process cabinets

Meet the processing needs of furniture manufacturers for non-porous furniture (connected by invisible connectors), panel furniture (using two-in-one, three-in-one connectors) and ordinary panel furniture;


►Non-porous process cabinet production solution

The non-porous process cabinet production solution is mainly composed of three types of equipment: non-porous process machining center, saw blade side hole machine, and automatic edge banding machine. It can be used to process and produce panel furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, children’s furniture and other cabinets. Production and processing to meet the processing needs of furniture manufacturers for non-porous furniture (connected by invisible connectors), panel furniture (using two-in-one, three-in-one connectors) and ordinary panel furniture.

►No hole processing center

Introduction: The non-hole process machining center is mainly used for the manufacture and production of panel furniture. It can not only process the installation slots required for various invisible links, but also process the installation holes of common two-in-one and three-in-one connectors for panel furniture. Quickly drill, slot and cut blanks.

1. Equipped with high-power tool changing spindle, large-capacity servo tool magazine, special device for sawing, milling and grooving, suitable for diversified and complex product processing or various processing procedures.

2. The full-page vacuum adsorption table (7 zones) has a good adsorption force to avoid running the board during processing.

3. 12 in-line tool changing, saving tool changing time and high efficiency.

4. Wide range of uses: one-time cutting, drilling, cutting, chamfering, engraving, etc.; simple operation, especially suitable for customized production needs.

►Edge Banding Machine

Introduction: Scope of application of edge banding machine: suitable for panel furniture, custom furniture, cabinets and wardrobes, office furniture, solid wood furniture, tables, chairs, doors and windows, wood products, decoration and decoration industries, etc. board, particle board, straight solid wood board, aluminum honeycomb board and other boards.

1. Function of edge banding machine: gluing and welting → front and rear alignment → rough trimming → fine trimming → tracking trimming → scraping edge → polishing.

2. Glue and seal the edge: the air cylinder controls the opening and closing of the glue door (WSN cylinder and billion-day solenoid valve), the glue quantity is stable, and the thickness is uniform.

3. Front and back: Cut off the excess edge banding at both ends of the sheet (WSM cylinder with 2 pressure regulating valves and 1 pressure relief valve) The air pressure is more stable, and the head and tail are more stable.

4. Rough repair: The six-edged alloy flat knife trims off the excess edge.

5. Refined trimming: The six-blade R knife trims off the excess edge banding strips to form rounded corners, and the trimming is more beautiful.

6. Profile tracking: The four corners after edge sealing are trimmed into small arcs to be more smooth and not irritating. The self-designed tracking action and air path design make the profile and chamfering action more stable.

7. Scraping the edge: the super hard alloy R knife scrapes the fine lines of the edge banding strip to make it smooth.

8. Polishing: The cloth wheel quickly polishes and polishes the edge of the edge band, which is smoother and more beautiful.

►Saw blade side hole machine

Introduction: Saw blade side hole machine can complete three-in-one side hole/dowel hole/blind hole/fixed slot/through slot/side hole punching of four kinds of hidden parts. It is designed and developed for panel furniture wardrobes and is suitable for various Class cabinet wardrobe, panel furniture design.

1. Customized motion control system with good stability and precision.

2. American Bonner laser probe with high accuracy.

3. There are customized limit and safety protection.

4. High-power saw blade electric spindle and diamond saw blade, fast speed and high precision.


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