(Entry-level) Panel Furniture Production Equipment Solution

Economical equipment for furniture manufacturers


►(Entry Type) Panel Furniture Production Equipment Solution

The cabinet production solution is mainly composed of four-process cutting machine, edge banding machine, saw blade side hole machine, precision saw, curved line edge banding machine, single-head hinge drilling machine, and chamfering machine, which can be used for processing. Manufacturing and processing of panel furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, panel furniture, children’s furniture and other cabinets.

►4 process cutting machine

Introduction: The four-process cutting machine is a cost-effective CNC cutting machine, which can be manually assisted feeding, automatic positioning, optimized automatic cutting, punching, and slotting. It replaces traditional push table saws and electronic cutting saws. Get rid of the dependence of the traditional cutting mode on workers, and the vertical holes are also completed in one go.

1. There are four spindles to automatically change suitable tools, saving tool change time and high efficiency.

2. The new type of large square tube is adopted, which can carry a large amount of weight. LED lights are added to the bed, and the appearance is high.

3. Vacuum adsorption table, high adsorption force, no running board during processing.

4. Automatic tool change program, multiple spindles work at the same time, increase processing efficiency.

►Double trimming machine

Introduction: The automatic edge banding machine is mainly used for edge banding of panel furniture, making the processed panels beautiful.

1. Fully automatic edge banding machine, easy to operate and high precision.
2. It has the functions of gluing, end-to-end, rough repair, fine repair, flat scraping, polishing and so on.

3. The finishing unit with high-speed motor is used to ensure the quality of finishing.

4. Fully enclosed safety cover and transparent acrylic cover to check the working condition in time.

►Side hole machine
Introduction: The side hole machine is designed and developed for the panel furniture wardrobe. It is suitable for the design of cabinet wardrobes and panel furniture. It can complete the three-in-one side hole/wood pin hole/blind hole/fixed slot/through slot/four kinds of hidden parts. Punch holes on the side.
1. Intelligent punching, no need to pay attention to the size and placement direction of the board, accurate positioning by laser scanning, and intelligent judgment of the punching position.
2. There are customized limit, high safety protection.
3. There is no need to scan the barcode, just put it and punch it, and it is convenient and quick to scan the hole and punch the hole.
4. A variety of punching modes can be freely switched to meet various process requirements.


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