2030 Row type automatic tool changer

The worktable is a strip adsorption table, which can adsorb materials of different sizes


Using SUNTEC control system, high work efficiency and increased service life.
Japan Kawakawa servo motor, Japan SHIMPO reducer.

The worktable is a strip-shaped adsorption table, which can adsorb materials of different sizes.

Helical rack drive, high speed, high efficiency, strong power.

There is a rotating shaft and an oscillating knife.


Product name and model: ELE 2030ATC
Machine color (can be customized): black and yellow
Working area: 2000*3000*300mm
Chassis Voltage/Frequency: 220V, 3ph, 50HZ
system: new generation
Spindle: HSD ATC
Inverter: Delta inverter
Motors and Drives: Yaskawa, Japan
Countertop Structure: Vacuum adsorption table
Lubrication system: Small automatic lubrication
Gantry structure: Gantry Mobile
Bed result: New style large square tube
rack: rack
Lead screw: TBI lead screw
guide: HIWIN (Shanghai Silver Square Rules)
Vacuum cleaner (optional): New double bag vacuum cleaner
Chassis: large case
Knife: Automatic tool setter



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